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Friday, July 15, 2011

Paranoia - Scott & Seth Shirtless

Okay, no kidding, I am the last person in the world that anyone would suspect would link to a video on Country Music Television.  None-the-less, I could not love a group more than I love the Avett Brothers.  They are pure genius.  If you hear country when you listen to them, then you are not actually listening, there is so much going on in everyone of their songs, classifying it would be ludicrous.  In this video for Paranoia in Bb Major, you can see both Scott and Seth Shirtless, as well as Seth eating cereal yet again.  That seems to be almost a video easter egg for them.  Go on and watch the rest of their videos, even if you don't like country, like I don't, there is something there for everyone, and the lyrics are AMAZING.

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